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December 18th, 2006 Posted in wordpress

Today I really started getting this site together. I played around with WordPress, trying to pretty up the front page and make it look less like a list of blog entries. The logo is still pretty horrible, but I ain’t no graphic designer, and I don’t fancy spending hours and hours trying make it look great – it seems more important to get some real content up.

In terms of actual, quality, content I put together a list of reasons for choosing classical over pop music and did a little front page blurb. It’s hard to get the tone of writing right. I worry that it comes off sounding like some fanboy trying desperately hard to be funny. It’s tricky writing to an unknown audience… I try to imagine I’m writing an eMail to one of my friends instead, but not quite with so much free deputizing of the language.

It’s seems good to have this blog area in addition to the main content to get my thoughts straight and just blab on a bit!

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