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The Lancaster Musical Road is No More

September 23rd, 2008 Posted in music, technology

Have you ever heard of the musical road in Lancaster, CA?

Well that roadspeed-dependent rendition of William Tell is sadly no more. It was disturbing the local residents with it’s repetitive and unbearably out-of-tune musical emissions, according to an article in the local paper. According to our youtube comments on the above video from locals sources:

So the city council meeting was this evening, and demolition of the road started this morning at around 7am. I spoke at the meeting about the road, expressing my concern about how quickly they were to get rid of it, and was told that reason they moved so quickly was because of safety concerns regarding all of the u-turns. When I asked how many car accidents had actually occured on the road as a result of u-turns, i was told by Mayor Paris, “Well, none”

Oh well. There goes another neat — but perhaps poorly executed — piece of creativity. At least we can still drop by the one in Japan

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