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Hot Wednesday… errr… Performers

November 5th, 2008 Posted in classical music

The sacred ritual of raising money with a nudey calendar has been part of human culture since at least prehistoric times. The latest kids to get into the sort-of-naked act are the guys and gals of the Royal Opera House. It’s only 10 quid from the ROH store and there are 12 months of guys and 12 of girls in every action-packed one of them. Buy a dozen and re-wallpaper your living room.

2 Responses to “Hot Wednesday… errr… Performers”

  1. Anna Says:

    Do you remember I said I would have to get Robin to do something outrageous…well, this gives me an idea!!
    Doubt he’ll agree to it though, and probably better if he doesn’t…

  2. Ben Says:


    Haha, nice! I’ll convince everyone to buy a copy if he does :)

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