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April 30th, 2009 Posted in non music

I started writing a post last night and then my T-shirt started grabbing on my shoulder, and my flatmate started eating loudly, and everything in the entire world started to annoy me. So I stopped.

This evening I found my lost hat which is colored the specific shade of green that me and my sister are colorblind to. I wore it walking to the hotel bar in the middle of campus, through the drizzle, listening to Haitink conducting Shostakovich 15, last mvt.

Some dudes at Georgia Tech built and performed with a marimba playing, auto-accompanying robot Jazz robot. Yes, yes and yes, kids. Realtime music analysis and processing is the future.

Tomorrow is “Slope Day” a music/drinking extravaganza in honor of the last day of classes. Campus was warned via email to a) not get alcohol poisoning to excess; b) not to uprise if the concert is canceled by thunderstorms; c) not spread too much swine flu.

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