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October 20th, 2010 Posted in classical music, nielsen

I get real pissy when music is used as a cellphone ringtone. It still jars the hell out of me when a song abruptly sputters out of a tinny cellphone speaker, and the absolute worst is when no-one answers and so it repeatedly loops through the first 5 seconds. Don’t even get me started on ringtones which are actually supposed to be played on an orchestra.

However, after complaining about all that in a somewhat uptight and snobby fashion, if I absolutely HAD to choose a piece of classical music to use as a ringtone I think the first 30 seconds or so of this would be pretty swell:

YouTube Preview Image

And that’s because… DUN DUN DUN… it sounds like a freakin’ telephone.

That’s the second movement of Nielsen’s Symphony No. 6, by the way.

13 Responses to “Ringtonetime”

  1. Leader Says:

    Very beautiful song!

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  5. jirsay Says:

    That really does sound like a phone ringing!

  6. jharris Says:

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  7. GéNIA Says:

    Sounds like it would be hard to hear in a busy place. Amazing piece of music though, and your right, it does sound like a phone!

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  9. white piano Says:

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  10. Yllka Istrefi Says:

    I used to think the same but recently I played Chopin’s Nocturne in C# minor (op. post) as an encore and my younger brother really liked it and made it into his ringtone. This is probably the worst piece to use as a ringtone but it might be a good way to get some people into classical music, who otherwise would not be interested.

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